Turning Lemons into Limoncello
In writing Embrace of the Wild I hope to have turned the lemons of Covid-19 into limoncello—a zesty elixir that excites and satisfies the senses.

​Isabella Bird was an Adventure Junkie who came alive in the Wild-BBC News


Some people live to travel; Isabella Lucy Bird traveled to live. Dare to saddle up with this equestrian explorer on her way to becoming the best-loved travel writer of her day. Set off on a voyage from England to the South Seas. Jump ship in Honolulu, then hop on board the Kilauea steaming its way to sleepy Hilo. Be captivated by the lavish beauty of the Sandwich Islands. Charge up the flank of a living volcano, ford roaring torrents on the way to Waipio Valley where the gods come close. Feel the loving touch of the healing hands of a Hawaiian elder and let go of chronic pain that has held you captive.

Invigorated from your stay in Hawai’i press on to ride solo in Colorado on a 600-mile mountain tour. Here you meet an unlikely soulmate in the form of renegade Rocky Mountain Jim. Convince him to guide you to the top of the loftiest peak in the Rocky Range, and try not to fall in love with him and the majesty of his realm. Know the wild abandon of giving rein to your mount with tears streaming, hair flying, and blood pumping. Set your spirit free with Isabella as she breaks through physical and social barriers to follow her dreams.

Interview with Rebecca Rosenberg host 
of the American History Novel Group
This episode of Big Blend Radio's "Way Back When" History show focuses on Strong Women in the American West, specifically in Colorado. – Featured Guest, Linda Ballou author of "Embrace of the Wild: Inspired by Equestrian Explorer Isabella Bird." takes you on a heady ride.

Take a listen to this fun interview on Travel Itch Radio. Dan Schlossberg wanted to know how I wrote my way out of depression during the year of the virus. 

(1)Why I identified with Isabella Bird, the Victorian age explorer and travel writer, I brought to life in Embrace of the Wild.

(2)How she embodied female empowerment and forged the way for women today.

(3)How she faced physical and social barriers to meet her destiny.

We also talked about some of the journeys I share in Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales, and the tips I provide for a great road trip on the California coast in ra.

“Reading this inspiring book makes me want to go out to the barn, saddle up and explore this wonderful world! This is one of those books that you would just love to see brought to life, Netflix, Amazon, check this one out! 
- Lisa Diersen Director – EQUUS Film & Arts Festival

Ballou sweeps you away with vivid scenes and characters of old Hawaii and Colorado, and bittersweet views of a changing world. But the real joy is riding with a recovered-invalid Englishwoman whose zest for life bursts from every page.
- Carole T. Beers, author of “New West Mysteries with Heart”

Fascinating portrait of Isabella Bird for those who love authentic historical fiction. Linda Ballou tells the truly amazing story of Isabella Bird, the British explorer in the nineteenth century in great descriptive detail.
- Rebecca Rosenberg author of Gold Digger-The story of Baby Doe 

 A GREAT story inspired by an AMAZING woman, British explorer Isabella Lucy Bird, Isabella's journey is told through her own eyes as she travels the world with wild abandon on the back of a horse, even finding peace and joy with a Colorado mountain man along the way. A wonderful ride!
- Robin Hutton, author Sgt. Reckless America’s War Horse

The author skillfully puts herself in saddle of Isabella Bird and gives us a thumbnail sketch of what it took to launch the career of one of the greatest, most gifted, adventure travel writers of all time. Hold on for a wild ride and beautifully crafted descriptions of grand vistas, mountains, valleys and rivers most people will only dream about. 
- Dr. Karen L. Moran Pacifica University

Swift, Exciting Plunge into an Adventurous Life. Ballou crafts a fast-paced novella that carves Isabella Bird firmly into our memories. 
- Mark Hein-Amazon Reader

​What Readers Are Saying About Embrace of the Wild
Embrace of the Wild is also available to retailers and libraries with 40% discount on IngramSpark
ISBN 978-1-7379253-0-9

Listen to Linda's Podcast 
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Trailblazer docuseries spotlighting Isabella Bird.  Who was Isabella Bird? 
Wonderful conversation with Carly Kade who helps authors unite with readers
 BBC News interview with Linda about her part in the TrailBlazers Series.

​This is a 4-minute clip of my interview on the first episode of Trailblazer
Ruby Wax, Emily Atack, and Melissa Brown want to know about Isabella's romance with Rocky Mountain Jim.