Linda Ballou

Hawaiian Spirituality
Lessons from Old Hawai’i

Linda Ballou, author of Wai-nani, A Voice from Old Hawai’i—fabled history couched in magical realism, shares lessons she learned from the People of Old Hawai’i. Her talk opens with an overview of the genesis of the Aloha Spirit-or Lokahi—a time when Hawaiians lived in peace and harmony. Then Linda moves onto the triage of traditional Hawaiian healing methods enjoying resurgence today.

Following her talk she takes you on a visual journey to sacred sites scattered throughout the Islands with gorgeous images provided by the Hawaiian Tourist Authority

Everything you ever wanted to know about sacred sites in Hawai’i, but didn’t know to ask.

Linda has created a Powerful Slide Presentation spotlighting easily accessed ancient sites in the Hawaiian Islands. Splendid images provided by the Hawaiian Tourist Authority are supplemented by her informative talk. In her research for Wai-nani, A Voice from Old Hawai’i, fabled history couched in magical realism, she immersed herself in the poetry and pageantry of the Hawaiian people and their heroic past.  This program along with reading Wai-nani, a new voice from old Hawai’i, will greatly enhance your visit to the Islands. 

She has also created a Power Point Presentation in which she shares the settings of the stories in her eclectic mix of travel essays Lost Angel Walkabout- One Traveler’s Tales. Striking images of Alaska, Hawaii, the Wild West of North America, New England, New Zealand and Costa Rica are all part of Linda’s Walkabout. Like Linda’s stories this presentation is thought provoking, informative and entertaining armchair travel.
Linda always enjoys the opportunity to discuss her books. 

The following is a suggested list of questions for an interviewer to ask of Linda:

  • Why was it so important for you to get this collection out of your drawer and into the hearts and minds of readers?

  • What is your favorite place and why?

  • Can you name five places people should go before they die?

  • What brought you to travel writing? 

  • Why adventure travel?

  • What will people learn from your book?

  • Why do you claim Tim Cahill as your travel writing hero?

(8) Does good travel writing encourage readers to follow in your footsteps?
(9) Where do you want to go next?
(10)Not everything you have done has to do with travel. What else have you written?

Linda loves to share her power point presentation for Embrace of the Wild with book clubs and more. It takes you on
Isabella Bird’s journey from pristine Hawai’i to the majestic Rocky Mountains in 1873

All of Linda’s books are available on 
If you prefer straight talk, Linda can share How to Make Travel Writing Work for You. You will learn the shortest distance between you and great trips in her renegade approach. Key points covered in this talk are below

  • Find Your Niche
  • Create a Platform
  • Become a blog hog
  • Writing ability required
  • Analyze the market
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Admit you need professional help
  • Make friends with editors
  • Do your homework
  • Look for the Hook
  • Learn how to get the shot that will tell the story
In Lost Angel Unleashed-Stories from the HeartLinda shares her most memorable and meaningful journeys. This is the third book in the Lost Angel Adventure series she loves to share with book clubs, women’s groups or others who enjoy armchair travel to satisfy their wanderlust.

To make a date for an event for any of these media offerings contact Linda Ballou at or call 818-378-4417

Unless travel expenses are included venues must be within a 50-mile radius of Los Angeles.  

Linda’s talks and presentations are suitable for a general audience from young adults to seniors. 
Embrace of the Wild - Inspired by Equestrian Explorer Isabella Bird
Colorful Power-Point presentation takes you with Isabella Bird through her early years in England on to a sea voyage in 1873 that landed her on the shores of Hawaii. There she rode up the flank of a volcano and forded raging rivers to get to the sacred Waipio Valley. Six months later, she carried on to Colorado where she prevailed upon Rocky Mountain Jim to take her up Longs Peak. Not stopping there she rode 800 miles solo in the Front Range of Colorado. Linda’s novel Embrace of the Wild and PP follows in her hoof prints.