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**As a lover of hiking and LA myself, I have found my nirvana. Thank you Linda Ballou for giving us this gift. -Dr. Skyler Madison-The Creative Writer’s Way

**Linda Ballou’s travel writing has provided me with hours of captivated reading. I loved her book “Lost Angel Walkabout” which I could not put down until I finished it. Now she blessed us with “Lost Angel in Paradise“ and her angelic stories about hiking along the sun-splashed Californian coast from Malibu to Mendocino. I have done some of these hikes many years ago and to now read her colorful interpretation of these hikes is pure bliss! -Peter Steyn, Editor Globerovers Magazine

**Lost Angel in Paradise is A GREAT tool for living in, or travel to Los Angeles and along the beautiful Pacific coast. Linda Ballou, an experienced hiker and outdoors woman, writes so beautifully with lovely descriptions and photos of the amazing hikes few tourists or locals discover. Reading it I felt, "I know she was there and she is describing each place and the many different kinds of hikes, from beach and island to mountain tops, so poetically that it entices me to go! -Bonnie Neely-Founder of Real Travel Adventures Magazine

**Now you can delight in day tripping adventures along with adventure travel writer Linda Ballou, who’s long been known for her enticing articles about her power-packed outdoor days along the sun-splashed California coast from Malibu to Mendocino.

For years, Linda’s many friends have asked her if they could come with her on these adventures, and she’s always declined. Not because she is unwilling to share, of course, but because, for Linda – as for many of us – a big part of the pleasure of the trip comes from the experience of solitary hiking.

And yet as powerful as solo trekking is, if you’re heading off to some where you’ve never been before, we all know it’s great to travel with a guide – especially if you’re venturing off to new places.

Which is why – if you’re considering any day trips along the California Coast – from Los Angeles to the Lost Coast – you can now take Linda along with you. Not in person. But the next best thing – a Kindle-formatted book with an app. (So: Linda Ballou, talking to you at your convenience, from your smart phone.) -Anne Holmes CEO of The National Association of Baby Boomer Women www.nabbw.com

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Photos by Linda Ballou.Photos by Linda Ballou.
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