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Photos by Linda Ballou.Photos by Linda Ballou.

Nothing pleases adventure travel writer Linda Ballou more than seeing gorgeous country from the back of a good horse. Being a stowaway on a cross-country course in Ireland, her most hair-raising riding adventure, is detailed in her story "Irish Mist" , which was included in the anthology Why We Ride with a foreword by Jane Smiley. Her articles have appeared in Equus, Horse Illustrated, Western Horseman and numerous travel magazines. The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon was written while she was recovering from a riding injury that ended her days in the jumping world. Like her protagonist, she has come back to ride again. She is also the author of Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales, and Wai-nani, A Voice from Old Hawai’i
Gemcie and her Irish Hunter, Marshal, are about to capture the World Cup when a nasty fall dashes their chances. While she is mending, her arch rival seizes this opportunity to catch a ride on Marshal, and to seduce her young husband. Confused and dazed by her new circumstances, Gemcie heads for the high Sierras hoping the majestic spires that captured the heart of the father she never met will provide the answers she seeks. 

She finds strength and solace riding solo on the John Muir Trail, but a bear attack ends her time of introspection and places her in the care of a solitary cowboy manning a fire lookout. Brady shows her love and gives her the courage to get back in the saddle. Haunted by images of Marshal being abused by his owners, Gemcie returns to rescue him and fly high with him once more. Ballou’s prose gallops ahead at breakneck speed as she takes you along on this wild ride.


The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon is a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards-New Adult Category

"Linda Ballou captures the energy, excitement and adrenalin rush of the Grand Prix jumping world that has kept me in the game all these years." 

-Susan Hutchison, 2015 Inductee, National Show Hunter Hall of Fame, which "honors excellence by providing recognition, education, and appreciation for the achievements of the horsemen and horses who have made the sport of show hunters so rich in history."

"An adventure that captivates, from show arena to back-country wilderness. Inspirational in the power of the human spirit."

Charisse Glenn - International Endurance Rider and Trainer

I found the adventures of this young cowgirl hero exciting and reminiscent of my own youthful horse adventures. Getting inside the hearts and emotions of Linda's characters was fascinating. Her attention to detail in both the jumping arena as well as her great love and understanding of the outdoors makes for a very realistic adventure with a window into both of these worlds." 
-Sharon North Pohl, Founder of Willow Pond Ranch and Farm a non- The 

The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon
“I could smell the leather and sweat, feel the wind buffeting the flags at the shows, hear the whispers of the trees when Gemcie was out in the trail. That and the part centered around Gemcie's trek through the mountains really made the read something special. I didn’t just follow along with Gemcie and the animals, but felt I was there with them, feeling the cold on my face, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and enjoying the solitude.
Five Stars! It is a wonderful book about Gemcie's journey of discovery, of self and what’s important and finding her real happiness in life.” Complete review on Amazon

-Jeannie Zelos 

The Spirit Is Never Lost - Amazing Story
Sometimes life knocks you around and all you can do is hold on, and try to find yourself again. The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon is such a story. Pick this one up, it will do your heart good! Complete review on Amazon. 
-Marsha @ Keeper Bookshelf

The Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon
Coming Full Circle with Susan Hutchison the inspiration for my character Gemcie McCauly in Cowgirl
Interview with riding legend, Susan Hutchison, in the California Riding Magazine

Jacqui Broderick- Horses. Romance. Adventure - who could need anything more from a book?
This is a well written book, Ballou brings her characters and backgrounds to life in often tear jerking detail. Gemcie is likeable, readers will both empathize and sympathize with the situations she finds herself in. Ballou uses her text well, describing both the worlds of the wilderness and horse shows with convincing detail

Readers cannot help but love this book. I was gripped from the first to the last page where Ballou brought all of the strings of her remarkable story to a hugely satisfying conclusion. 

This is just an amazing book. Her writing is so descriptive that you feel you are in the saddle with Gemcie..., January 2, 2016 By Oregon Rain  

This is just an amazing book. Her writing is so descriptive that you feel you are in the saddle and experiencing everything Gemcie does. The words describing the amazing mountains makes you able to feel the wind and smell the rain. Describing the relationship with water and humans was something I had never thought of. As Gemcie is learning about her life it makes you think about your own life of what you have lost and what makes you grow. I will definitely read more books by this author.

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Gemcie on her way to the World Cup
Riding out Electrical storm in the Fire Lookout
Gemcie meets her worst fears when her horse is attacked by a bear
Brady faces his 
worst fears
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