"Whether river rafting in the vast wilderness of her Alaska homeland or trekking through the emerald hills of New Zealand, Ballou's evocative writing takes you there. She reminds us that in a frenetic world connecting with nature's beauty can serve as our salvation".—Michael Shapiro, author of A Sense of Place

"Linda Ballou is one of my personal favorite adventure writers. Her exquisite descriptions make the reader feel as if he is there in person. Her adventures are daring, making me wish I were physically fit and brave enough to enjoy the same, but I can vicariously through her writing. She writes with the deep, soulful incites into nature which will inspire and lift you. This is a beautiful book you'll want to re-read often."
-- Bonnie Neely, editor www.RealTravelAdventures.com and a top reviewer for Amazon.com. 

"Lost Angel Walkabout: One Traveler’s Tales is a spirited collection of travel narratives recounting the haps, mishaps, and serendipitous adventures that have given travel writer Linda Ballou her sense of wonder and delight. Some of the stories might make you glad you stayed home, while others will inspire you to toss the TV clicker out the window and get up off the couch to explore our beautiful planet. All of these tales let you share the sensual experience of being there without straining one muscle, getting altitude sickness, or tipping your canoe." 
--Interview with Guest, Tim Cahill, America’s best loved adventure-travel writer.

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One Writer's Journey: Review of Lost Angel Walkabout By Penny Ehrenkranz 
Linda Ballou is a travel writer and this is evident in her collection of travel stories, Lost Angel Walkabout. Linda travels as a single woman and encounters a world of cultures from Hawaii to Alaska to the mists of Ireland... 

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Heartfelt Review from Yolanda Renee, Defender of the Pen  

Barbara Milbourn, Editor

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Lost Angel Walkabout
One Traveler's Tales
Linda Ballou with Don George, the master of ceremonies, of the Travel Writing Conference at the Book Passage and Tim Cahill who opened the festivities with a fun talk. Don has edited numerous travel essay anthologies for Lonely Planet and has a great website with tremendous information for travelers called Don’s Place. Tim, with nine travel book under his belt and hundreds of articles, is nothing short of the master when it comes to adventure travel narrative.

Linda shares the spotlight at the Book Passage Travel Writer's Conference with travel writing greats like Tim Cahill, Rolf Potts, and Don George.
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