Escape into a world of adventure and discovery from the comfort of your armchair. With vivid descriptions of wildlife, landscapes, and cultural experiences, Linda's tales are sure to spark the imagination and inspire a sense of wanderlust in readers. Whether you are an avid traveler or simply enjoy reading about other people's journeys, this book us a captivating and illuminating read.
Lost Angel Unleashed
Linda's Newest Book!
  What Readers are Saying about Lost Angel Unleashed

"You know you're in for a wild ride from the opening passages of Linda Ballou's new collection of travel stories titled Lost Angel Unleashed. The book is filled with as riotous tales as the scary plane ride she endures in the first story. Each story here has its own charm. Each is a little nugget of literary deliciousness." 
- AJ Llewellyn, Mystery Author

"Lost Angel Unleashed is a scrumptious read. You may find that it is tempting to rush through it, just for the pleasure of letting you eyes “gulp down” Linda’s beautifully descriptive prose. But, I recommend that you don’t gorge on this book. It’s definitely better to read it at a more sedate pace, so that you can really take in all the delightful details she masterfully crafts into each story."
-CEO-National Association of Baby Boomer Woman

"I enjoyed this book so much. I read it almost in one session. The author has been very personal and shared who she is and how she became the brave woman she is today."
-Terry Lister author of West Africa Travel narratives

"Written to inspire you to get off the couch throw the clicker out the window, and find you own adventures. Ballou’s attention to detail enables the reader to visualize the places described vividly, evoking a sense of wanderlust and a desire to embark on a new adventure."
-DJ Adamson, author Lillian Dove Mystery series

In this interview with Lisa Smith at Big Blend Radio-Vacation Nation I share why I needed to publish Lost Angel Unleashed which is the third installment in the Lost Angel Adventures Trilogy We also talked about why a connection with nature is so important for all us living in these busy times.
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