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An important part of what I do at is to offer people ways to experience the products and services that might make their travels better. 
Many of my travel articles actually recommend a specific product as an insider tip to readers. As an adventure travel writer, I test many of the products while I am river rafting, hiking or horse back riding through pristine country and can give first hand testimonials. Birding is a part of all my trips, so items that go hand in hand with this favorite pastime are very compatible to my site. 

I am the Adventure Travel Expert for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.  This is a demographic you want! Woman of a certain age are busy exploring our world. They buy products that make their journey better and they decide where the next adventure will be. 

I share Great Outdoor Days in L.A. in my column on with 14 million “Angelinos” and the many visitors to my fair town who may want to take advantage of the wonderful mountain, coastal, and urban walks that I describe. 

I am blazing new trails to make sure that the companies I love and believe in are reaching more consumers through innovative ways of blending professional content. This allows me to position your product or service in a relevant context and deliver your message in a way that is meaningful to our readers and beneficial to your brand. 

My website is designed to be aesthetically pleasing for those who visit it as well as to provide them with nuts and bolts information about trips that I have taken. My novel

Wai-nani High Chiefess of Hawai’i is historical fiction set in pre-contact Hawai’i and my essay collection Lost Angel Walkabout –One Traveler’s Tales, is an eclectic mix of thrills, chills giggles and squeaks   

Blog posts consist of reader responses to my books and articles, travel tips, eco-alerts and event announcements. Sponsor links will be prominently displayed on my blog and featured in my travel articles when appropriate. These articles and other posts on my blog are circulated about the internet though social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Plaxio. In addition, I am member of North American Travel Journalists Association and have access to their press release and e-wire service to the editors of hundreds of travel publications. 

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I’d love to work with you! Email me and let’s set up a time to get creative. 

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As a sponsor who supports, you’ll be more than an Advertiser---you’ll be promoted as a partner with the common goal to inspire people to get out and experience our planet for themselves. 

Here is what I did for Coolibar Sun Protection Clothing.-I can do something fun for you too!

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