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North American Travel Journalists Association 


Star Publish LLC
A huge thank you to all of the many writers who so generously shared Wai-nani with their friends and readers.  
This page includes some of the fine books, websites and blogs they produce.
Sea Kayak Adventures
Leading Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching Vacations since 1993
New England Hiking Holidays
20 Years On The Trail
Active New Zealand
Active Adventures
Active South America
Active Adventures
Nichols Expeditions
World Wide Adventures
Silver Cloud Expeditions
Family-Operated Business

Chilkat River Guides
Guiding Alaska's Rivers since 1978

Ricochet Ridge Ranch
Horse Riding Vacation 
Hotel Moloka’i
What You Need, When You Need It.
Kalani Oceanside Retreat and Wellness Center

Arnott’s Lodge in Hilo
Arnott's Helps Your To Afford Hawaii
Kumu Lomi Dane Silva
Hawaiian Healing Center
The Fairmont Orchid
The Island of Hawaii Awaits You
Big Island Visitors Bureau
Hawaii's Island of Adventure
North Fork Ranch
Elkhorn Ranch
Enjoy the Ride!
Overseas Adventure Travel
Grand Canyon Expeditions
Momentum Rafting Company
Tanaya Lodge